HiFi-Tuning Supreme Fuse

HiFi-Tuning Supreme Fuse

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Hi-Fi Tuning of Berlin-Germany has released a new highest performing version of their industry-leading fuses called "Supreme".

The latest development of HiFi-Tuning from Germany is the unplated "Supreme" fuse. More speed, dynamics, enhanced clarity, improved three-dimensionality results from the outstanding fuse materials, an alloy from 99% pure silver and 1% pure gold, tip-to-tip, caps and burn-wire! The anti-resonant ceramic fuse body is retained - inside the ceramic body is an additional anti-resonance tube, and of course HiFi-Tuning is the only fuse manufacturer capable of producing fuses with a silver/gold alloy burn wire. Why is this important? Because in all other upgrade fuses, the copper-based burn wire will degrade over time due to oxidation - silver oxide is a good conductor. And of course all HiFi-Tuning fuses are deep cryo treated!

HiFi-Tuning, a company based in Germany, has been around for many years. HiFi-Tuning is very well-known all over Europe for manufacturing high quality audio-grade fuses and other accessories . The HiFi-Tuning fuses have won many awards and have been tested and have received great reviews from experts in the audiophile community and press all over the world.

Supreme Fuse

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