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Synergistic Research has been around for many years developing cables through objective measurements, advanced active technologies and proprietary cable geometries. Synergistic Research voice each of their cables through a series of subjective listening tests to select material combinations that will enable each cable design to reproduce music that is as close to live as possible.

Synergistic Research not only develops and makes cables of the highest quality. Besides some great inventions such as Zero Capacitance Active Shielding, Ted Denney - owner and chief designer more recently made some new, really exciting inventions and developments.

Cables are treated with a process called Quantum Tunneling. This is a process that changes the way a cable conducts the signal at the sub atomic level affecting the entire cable assembly- connectors (RCA, XLR, Spade, or Banana), solder joints, dielectric and signal and ground conductors are all transformed and integrated as a single unit. By applying a two million volt extreme high frequency signal to a cable at a specific pulse modulation and frequency for an exact duration of time, Synergistic Research alters the entire cable at molecular level through a phenomenon called Quantum Tunneling. The before and after is startling with a lower noise floor and major improvements in inner detail, air, low frequency extension and overall transparency and signal speed.

Synergistic Research latest development is the UEF Technology - Uniform Energy Field Technology.

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  • Synergistic Research Atmosphere
    Synergistic Research Atmosphere   Atmosphere is a new concept in room/ system tuning which allows the user to change the sound of their system and room using pre-formatted "aps" on their phone or iPad. Having used the beta product we can confirm that it is both very effective an..
  • Synergistic Research Black Box
    Synergistic Research – Black Box From the mind of our lead designer Ted Denney comes the Black Box. In development for over two years, the Black Box is now perfected and ready to transform your listening room.The Black Box is an LF (Low Frequency) Resonator Array that elegantly and si..
  • Synergistic Research ECT - Electronic Circuit Transducer
    Manufacturer Description: The ECT's are electrically non-conductive and are packaged with white museum putty which makes it easy to move them around for testing and evaluation. They also include high temperature glue dots for more permanent application, especially for use inside the chassis where..
  • Synergistic Research Grounding Block
    Synergistic Research Grounding Block Synergistic Research's Grounding Block was developed with many applications in mind and is the latest Synergistic Research product to feature our UEF Technology. It’s not a secret that a solid “Star” ground dramatically reduces the noise floor of any system..
    HK$3,600.00 HK$4,800.00
  • Synergistic Research HFT 2.0 & HFT X
    Synergistic Research HFT 2.0 & HFT X We are officially announcing two new HFTs- HFT 2.0 and HFT X that take the HFT concept to exciting new levels. The HFT 2.0 is a warmer sounding transducer and HFT X has more details and resolution and both are intended to be used in conjunction with o..
  • Synergistic Research High Frequency Transducer HFT
    Synergistic Research High Frequency Transducer HFT * Tune acoustics, chassis and speaker cabinet resonance * Expands soundstage height width and depth * Extends and clarifies high frequencies * Dramatically improves low frequency extension/bass control * Lowers noise floor for improve..
  • Synergistic Research Mechanical Interface Grounding MiG 2.0 (Set of 3)
    New MiG 2.0 – Isolation Footers with HFT Technology MiG 2.0 – a new state-of-the-art component isolation footer, featuring Synergistic Research’s High Frequency Transducer Technology. MiG 2.0 Re-Tunes a component’s mechanical resonance while eliminating high frequency noise which is negatively ..
  • Synergistic Research PHT Phono Transducer (Set of 2)
    Manufacturer Description: Handmade in California. Transform your turntable’s performance dramatically with the NEW Synergistic Research PHT! PHT is an acronym for "Phono Transducer" and is an evolution of SR’s award winning UEF technology.  Available in two different strains, Type ’I’ PHT ad..
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